Bosslike Aplication

User Agreement

Bosslike electronic service is an electronic platform that allows users to exchange tasks, learn opinions, gather focus groups, and find new friends of interest for communication. To express a positive attitude to each other users perform certain actions on behalf of each other using the services of the site. The user who has sent a task to another user can also perform a counter task for such or another user.

The contract for the provision of services is concluded directly between users. Each user, using the capabilities of the electronic site can be both a customer service and implementer of similar services for other users.

Service provides only services to ensure convenient interaction between users, as well as other services that are expressly provided in this agreement.

Service is not a social network where users have personal pages, has no relation to social networks Vkontakte (, Twitter (, YouTube (, other social networks.

The Service is not an organization carrying out activities related to the execution of tasks on behalf and in the interests of users of social networks, the result of which is the placement, modification of information on the pages of users in social networks.

All information posted on the electronic service (attachment) is for reference purposes only and may not be used as the sole correct one, including for ordering and performing tasks.

Service is an auxiliary means of interaction between users, not replacing a personal communication of users. Service is an information intermediary between users.
Any user of the electronic service hereby confirms that he has read, understood, accepted, accepted and fully agrees to comply with this agreement. In cases specified in this agreement, a user is considered to have sent an offer to another user or a user is considered to have received another user’s offer.

Any user is considered as such from the moment of registration in the application or committing other actions related to the use of features of the service and until the termination of obligations of the parties on the grounds provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

1. Terms and Definitions.

Bosslike Terms of Use Agreement (hereinafter «User Agreement» or «Agreement» or «Offer») is an offer addressed to an unlimited number of persons and set forth herein.

Party to the User Agreement — the service (hereinafter also Service, electronic platform) Bosslike, the user.

Bosslike (the «Bosslike Service») — all of the Service’s administrative and technical team, responsible for its development and maintenance, in one person; is in direct contact with the User and undertakes to provide information of an advisory nature on matters directly related to the use of the Service; is a party to this User Agreement.

Social networks — online services functioning for the purpose of establishing social connections between registered users, where the latter have personal pages. These include: Vkontakte (, Twitter (, YouTube ( and others.

Electronic site is a hardware-software complex of organizational, information and technical solutions ensuring interaction of users via electronic communication channels. The electronic site includes an application.

Application — a resource available for download on the Internet at the address and its subdomains, which is the property of the owner of the electronic site Bosslike. Application — a complex object of intellectual property, which is a set of computer programs, databases, text, graphics and other information available to the user.

Services — Services provided by one user to another user or others, including posting, modifying, or changing information on user’s social media pages; services provided by Bosslike.

Registration — the procedure of entering user data into a special form in the application, which is necessary for the Bosslike electronic site to fulfill the terms of the user agreement, under which the registered user is a beneficiary, as well as for the user’s access to the services and features of the electronic site.

User — any individual who uses the Bosslike service.

Customer — a user who has placed a task for another user via Bosslike under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Performer — a user who has received a task from another user(s) through Bosslike.

Partner — any natural person, individual entrepreneur (hereinafter also recognized as a legal entity in this Agreement insofar as it does not contradict the essence of the specified subject of civil turnover) or a legal entity that independently or through its representative (management body, if applicable), voluntarily passed registration and became a member of the Affiliate Program.

User Data — Personal Data.

Personal Data — a) Data that is automatically transmitted while using the Bosslike Services by the software installed on your device from which you access the Services, including your IP address, cookie data, information about your hardware and software. Bosslike hereby warrants that it will not have access to any personal information (including personal information) contained on users’ devices as a result of using the Services; b) personal information (including name, contact phone number, email address) voluntarily and knowingly provided by the user-individual when registering to the Application and necessary to perform the user agreement under which the registered user is a beneficiary and to provide the user-individual with access to the Site; c) personal information (including the user’s name, contact phone number, email address) provided by the registered user-individual to the Site and which is necessary for the user-individual’s access to the Site. In this case, the name left by the user shall be considered by the parties to the User Agreement as his pseudonym.

Password — a unique sequence of characters and/or letters, which is entered by the user during registration in the application and is used later for access to personal space (personal account) in the application.

Account — personalized interface of the application with a set of user tools to use the services and features of the electronic site.

Task — the user’s application for services to post, modify information on pages in social networks on terms determined by the User himself and not contrary to this agreement and the rules of social networks. Assignment is made in accordance with this agreement through the electronic form in the application by the User.

Balance is a virtual account of the User in the application in points, the amount of which depends on the activity of the User.

Partner’s Balance — the User’s virtual account in the application in rubles, the amount of which depends on the activity of the Partner’s referrals.

Referral — a person, who has moved to the platform under the referral link and passed the registration procedure.

Referral link — a link to the site which contains a unique identifier assigned to each registered user. Such a link is sent by the partner to the referral for the latter to get access to the site’s services.

2. Warranties and Representations.

2.1 The Bosslike Electronic Platform and the User hereby represent and warrant to the other that on the date of the User Agreement and during the term of the User Agreement:
2.1.1. is an entity operating in accordance with Russian law, has all rights and all powers necessary to conduct business in the Russian Federation;
2.1.2. possesses all powers to conclude this User Agreement and perform the obligations under the User Agreement;
2.1.3. has taken all steps necessary to enter into and perform the User Agreement, and to ensure that the User Agreement is legal, binding upon it, and enforceable against its counterparty;
2.1.4. as far as known, there are no pending legal issues, threat of legal action or other circumstances, which may have negative consequences for the party of the User Agreement or its activities, the party of the User Agreement has not breached any substantial provisions of any contract or other agreement concluded by it, no rulings, decisions and resolutions of court, arbitration court or other state authority, which may have negative effect on the User Agreement
2.1.5. there are no provisions in Russian laws or other regulations, in contracts binding on the party to the user agreement or property, which may violate or impede the signing or performance of the user agreement;
2.1.6. performance of obligations under the User Agreement is an unconditional obligation of the party to the User Agreement, which, at least, has the same priority as other obligations of the party to the User Agreement;
all information and documents provided by the party of the User Agreement to the other party in connection with this User Agreement are true, true, complete and accurate in all respects, and the party of the User Agreement does not conceal any facts, which, if they became known, could have an adverse effect on the other party of the User Agreement’s decision to enter into this Agreement;
2.1.7. has sufficient information about its counterparty to the extent necessary to select it as such, understands that it has sufficient resources to fulfill its obligations under the User Agreement;
2.1.8. obligations of the party of the User Agreement under this Agreement are legal, valid, effective and binding on the party of the User Agreement to be performed in accordance with the provisions of the User Agreement.
2.2 Each party hereby acknowledges that it enters into the User Agreement relying on the representations and warranties provided by the other party that are material to it.

3. General Provisions.

3.1 The Bosslike Digital Site provides convenient remote interaction between users for the purpose of posting, modifying, or otherwise acting on users’ social media pages and grants the right to use the Digital Site subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement.
3.2 The use of the electronic platform, as well as all relations between the user and the electronic platform Bosslike shall be governed by this user agreement.
3.3. Any user, by using the application, or using any of its functionality, expresses his unconditional agreement with all the terms of the user agreement and all other conditions set forth in the pages of the application, undertakes to comply with them, and in case of disagreement with any of the conditions immediately stop using the services and leave the electronic platform.
3.4 This User Agreement applies to all currently available services and features of the application, as well as to any development and/or addition of new services and features, modification of existing services and features.
3.5 The User acknowledges and agrees that nothing in this User Agreement shall be construed to establish any other type of relationship between the User and the Bosslike digital site not expressly covered by this User Agreement.
3.6. This User Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
3.7 All possible disputes regarding this agreement and the relationship between the user and Bosslike will be resolved under Russian law in court at the location of Bosslike, unless otherwise expressly provided by Russian law.
3.8 The declaration of invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement by a court shall not invalidate or render unenforceable any other provisions of the User Agreement.
3.9 The failure to act by Bosslike if a user breaches this Agreement does not prevent Bosslike from taking action to protect its interests and does not waive Bosslike’s rights in the event of any similar or subsequent breaches.
3.10. Bosslike reserves the right to modify and/or amend this User Agreement without further notice. The new edition of the Agreement shall be effective from the moment of its posting on this page, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Agreement. The current edition of the Agreement is always located on this page at

The silence of the user is regarded as consent to the changes and (or) additions to the agreement.
3.11. By pressing the button «Register» user gives his consent to the provisions of this Agreement and Privacy Policy. The consent is also expressed at any stage of registration in the application, at any moment of using the application.
3.12. The user also confirms that he is not entitled to transfer his login and password to third parties, and is not entitled to receive login and/or password from third parties. Bosslike shall not be liable for any transactions between Users.
3.13. The User shall immediately notify Bosslike E-Platform of any unauthorized access to their username, password and/or any breach of security of their personal account on the E-Platform.
3.14. Bosslike reserves the right to block a user’s account, including if the user has not used their access to the eTorment within 60 calendar days from the date of registration on the application. Any funds (points) remaining on the user’s balance at that time will be withheld by Bosslike. The determination of sufficiency of inactivity of the account in each case is left to the discretion of Bosslike.
3.15. Bosslike will not be responsible for any user data that Bosslike provides to third parties and/or other third parties when it is linked to Bosslike.
3.16. Bosslike Electronic Platform is not responsible for any loss and/or corruption of data that may occur due to the User’s breach of this Agreement or the improper access and/or use of the Application.
3.17. The User shall be solely responsible for the security (robustness to guessing) of his/her password and shall protect the confidentiality of his/her password. User is solely responsible for all activities (and their consequences) within or with the use of an electronic site under the account (login) of the user, including cases of voluntary transfer of data by the User for access to the User’s account to third parties under any conditions (including under contracts or agreements) without the consent of such with the electronic site Bosslike and (or) in violation of the terms of agreement. In this case, all actions within or using the electronic platform under the account of the user are considered to be made by the user.
3.18. To order and provide a service through the electronic site Bosslike and for access to the services and facilities of the electronic site the user agrees to provide accurate and complete information on the issues proposed at the registration and necessary to fulfill the obligations of the electronic site Bosslike, other users (as the case may be) with respect to the service and / or access to the electronic site user. The user undertakes to keep this information up to date.
3.19. Data provided by the User upon registration and/or at any time while using the Service shall not be checked by Bosslike for compliance with any requirements (validity, completeness, legality, etc.), except as expressly provided. However, the Bosslike site reserves the right at any time to require users to verify the data provided at registration and/or ask for supporting documents (in particular — identity documents, documents proving registration), failure to provide which, in Bosslike’s sole discretion, may amount to a provision of false information and lead to the consequences provided for in the Agreement. If the data provided by the user does not match the data provided upon registration or if the data provided upon registration does not allow for the identification of the user, Bosslike may deny the user access to the account and/or use of the e-Site. The User shall provide all information and documents requested by Bosslike Electronic Platform within the deadlines specified by the latter.
3.20. Bosslike has the right to block a User’s account and to deny access to certain services and features of the e-Site under any account and to remove any content, links and information without explanation, including in the case of a breach by the User of the Agreement and / or Russian law. The fact of violation of the terms of the Agreement and/or the laws of the Russian Federation shall be determined by Bosslike unilaterally, independently. The User agrees to such procedure and undertakes to comply with Bosslike’s decision.
3.21. User is solely responsible to third parties for their actions related to the use of electronic site, including, if such actions lead to a violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with Russian legislation when using the electronic site.
3.22. When using the electronic platform the user has no right:
3.22.1. upload, post, transmit or otherwise post and/or distribute content (including information) that is illegal, harmful, defamatory, offensive to morality, demonstrates (or advocates) violence and cruelty, violates intellectual property rights, promotes hatred and/or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social grounds, contains insults to any persons or organizations, contains elements of (or advocates) pornography, child erotica, is advertising (or advocates) of sexual services (including under the guise of other services) and explains the procedure of production, use or other use of drugs or their analogues, explosives or other weapons;
3.22.2. violate the rights of third persons, including minors and/or harm them in any form;
3.22.3. pretend to be another person or entity and/or community without proper rights, including Bosslike’s employees or representatives, the moderators, the owner of the Service, and any other forms or methods of unlawful online representation or to mislead users or Bosslike about the qualities or characteristics of any subjects or objects;
3.22.4. upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available and/or distribute content without rights to do so under the law of the Russian Federation or any contractual arrangement;
3.22.5. Upload, email, transmit or otherwise transmit and / or distribute unsolicited advertising information, spam (including search engine spam), lists of other people’s email addresses, pyramid schemes, multi-level (network) marketing (MLM), internet-income and email-businesses, «chain letters» and use the services and capabilities of the electronic site Bosslike to participate in these activities, or use the electronic site, only to redirect users to other domain pages
3.22.6. upload, send, transfer or in any other way place and/or distribute any materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs intended for breaking, destroying or limiting the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programs, for implementing unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products and programs for generating them, logins, passwords and other means for getting unauthorized access
3.22.7. to use computer codes, files or programs for automation of work with the Service, except for those, which passed moderation (received API keys) and work via official API, to start using API, the user makes a request to receive a token API key
3.22.8. to use VPN, proxy-server or other tool to change the IP-address;
3.22.9. unauthorizedly collect and store personal data of other persons;
3.22.10. disrupt the normal operation of the electronic platform;
3.22.11. place links to network resources, the content of which contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation
3.22.12. promote actions aimed at violation of restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement
3.22.13. provoke illegal activities and assist persons whose actions are aimed at violation of restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement on the territory of the Russian Federation
3.22.14. violate the rights of minors and/or harm them in any form
3.22.15. violate the rights of minorities;
3.22.16. otherwise violate the provisions of the law, including international law.
3.23. The User acknowledges and agrees to the following prohibitions and restrictions imposed by Bosslike when using accounts.
User is not permitted to use:
3.23.1. social media profiles without activity;
3.23.2. other people’s profiles or clones of them;
3.23.3. empty profiles, profiles without avatars and with closed walls;
The User is also not entitled to:
3.23.4. have more than one account in Bosslike application. Otherwise, the Bosslike service has the right to block all user accounts on the platform.
3.23.5. Buy, sell, transfer or otherwise distribute the accounts posted on the Bosslike application.
3.24. The User acknowledges and agrees to the following prohibitions and restrictions imposed by Bosslike for the use of points
3.24.1. when depositing funds by the User for the purpose of their subsequent conversion into points, the User agrees that the funds will not be refunded and will be treated as amounts of compensation for the granted rights to use the results of intellectual activity, actually provided services, which are not refundable to the User, and which cannot be considered as losses or unjust enrichment, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the laws of the Russian Federation
3.24.2. in order to purchase points, the User shall use only bank cards and accounts, access to which has been legally obtained by the User;
3.24.3. the User is not entitled to buy, exchange or sell points on behalf of third parties;
3.24.4. if the User’s account on the Site has been blocked by Bosslike for violation of the Terms of Use, the User may not request transfer of his/her points to any other account on the Site.
3.25 The user is prohibited from posting tasks that contain:
3.25.1 content (including. Information) that is illegal, harmful, defamatory, including offensive to morality, demonstrates (or advocates) violence and cruelty, violates intellectual property rights, promotes hatred and / or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social grounds, contains insults to any persons or organizations, contains elements of (or advocates) pornography, child erotica, is advertising (or advocates) of sexual services (including under the guise of other services), explains the procedure of production, use or other use of drugs or their analogues, explosives or other weapons.
3.26. User acknowledges and agrees to the following prohibitions and restrictions imposed by Bosslike for performing tasks:
3.26.1 Cancellation, deletion by User of the results of his actions in the provision of services to another user under the agreement between them and this Agreement will result in cancellation of any number of points by Bosslike or blocking of the account without the possibility of its further unblocking.
3.27. User acknowledges and agrees to the following prohibitions and restrictions established by Bosslike for the Affiliate Program
3.27.1. invited users must be active on the site, namely to perform tasks and / or replenish the balance. Otherwise the Bosslike E-Platform has the right to delete the account of the affiliate referral. The determination of whether an account is active enough in each case is at the discretion of Bosslike.
3.27.2. in case a referral violates the rules of this agreement, bonus points will be deducted from the user-affiliate for this assignment.
3.27.3. the User will not use Bosslike’s name, logo, design elements or other intellectual property of Bosslike without prior written consent.
3.28. The Bosslike Service is provided on an «as is» basis. Bosslike does not warrant that the service will be error free or operate without interruption, nor does Bosslike make any other warranties not expressly set forth in these and/or other agreements appearing on the application or on the site.
3.29. The User agrees and understands that no software, including services, is free from errors. The User shall not, when using the services:
3.29.1. sell, license or sublicense, rent, lease, or transfer the services to third parties without Bosslike’s written consent.
3.29.2. translate into other languages, modify, decompile, disassemble, disassemble the services into separate components, modify the services, reverse translate the services, modify, disassemble, decrypt and perform other actions with the object code and source code of the services, with the purpose, including obtaining information about implementation of algorithms used in the software product.
3.29.3. assist actions aimed at violation of restrictions and prohibitions imposed by this Agreement.
3.29.4. otherwise violate any legal provisions, including those of international law.
3.30. User hereby acknowledges that he has the technical information necessary to run and use the services of an electronic platform Bosslike, including information about the requirements for hardware and software. Also the User confirms the availability of the necessary technical means to use the services for their intended purpose.
3.31. The provisions of paragraphs 3.22. and 3.29. hereof apply to both the service in general and to its individual components, including but not limited to design elements (graphics, layout of design elements of software products, etc.), text, graphics, illustrations, videos, music, sounds, as well as, if available, additions and updates.
3.32. Bosslike Electronic Platform is entitled to:
3.32.1. in cases where the opposite is not expressly provided in this Agreement, to determine unilaterally, extrajudicially a condition of the Agreement (rule of conduct) governing in the arisen situation the relations of the parties of the Agreement. The condition of the agreement created in such a procedure shall be binding on the parties to the agreement as if it was originally provided by the agreement itself and/or the parties have subsequently concluded the necessary additional agreement to that effect.
3.32.2. in cases, when in the agreement and/or in the appendix the objective criteria of evaluation of results of the rendered (rendered) services and (or) their separate stages, actions included in the service are not directly provided, to determine unilaterally, extrajudicially the quality, compliance of the made with the agreement conditions, acceptability, reasonability, sufficiency and other.

4. Intellectual Property.

4.1 All objects available through the Bosslike Service and features, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, computer programs, databases, music, sounds, and other objects (collectively Content), as well as any content posted on the Bosslike Service, are the exclusive rights of Bosslike and other copyright holders.
4.2 Use of Bosslike’s Platform, including the Application, any other elements of the Application or its Services, is limited to the functionality offered by the Service. No elements of Bosslike’s service or content contained within the application will be used without the prior authorization of the copyright holder, including Bosslike, if the copyright holder is the copyright holder for that intellectual property. The use includes, but is not limited to: reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, etc. Exceptions are cases expressly provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the terms of use of a particular service of the electronic site Bosslike. Any user may, at any time, contact Bosslike for this or any other reason.
4.3 The Bosslike Digital Site grants to the User a nontransferable right to use, under a simple (non-exclusive) license, the Services of the Service, including the Application and its components only for their intended purpose, consistent with the purpose of the Bosslike Digital Site and provided that neither the User nor any other person assisted by the User shall reproduce, copy or modify it or use any part thereof for personal or commercial gain.
4.4 The Appendix may contain links to other websites and applications on the Internet (websites, applications of third parties). Such third parties and their content shall not be reviewed by Bosslike for compliance with any requirements (truthfulness, completeness, legality, etc.), except as expressly permitted. Bosslike will not be responsible or liable for any information, material posted on or through any third party sites or applications accessed by you via the Services, including any opinions or statements posted on or through any third party sites or applications, advertising, etc., or the availability of such sites, applications or content or the consequences of your use of them.
4.5 Reference (in any form) to any Bosslike site, application, product, service or any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on a site or application does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of such products (services, activities) by Bosslike, unless expressly and unambiguously stated by Bosslike.

5. Relationships between users.

5.1 Users perform tasks for each other, including by posting, modifying, and deleting information on social media pages. Such actions shall be performed by the users on the basis of the service agreement.
5.2 The service agreement shall be concluded between the users. In one unit of time each user can act both as a customer of the service of performing certain actions on the pages in social networks and as a performer of a similar service for other users.
5.3 The service agreement shall be considered concluded from the moment of the performer’s acceptance of the customer’s offer. The user is considered to have made a public offer on the conditions set out in this agreement from the moment of clicking on the «Create task» button. Acceptance of the offer is when another user clicks on the «Execute» button.
5.4 The provisions of the User Agreement and information about the user’s service to perform certain actions on the page of another user in social networks, presented on the electronic platform, are a public offer of the user in accordance with Art. 435 and Part 2 Art. 437 of the Civil Code.
5.5 The provisions of the Russian Federation Civil Code about the provision of services (§ 2 chapter 39) and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them shall apply to relations between users.
5.6 The Contractor shall be obliged to provide services in accordance with the contract for paid services, and the Customer shall be obliged to accept and pay for the provided services, unless otherwise follows from the nature of the service, this Agreement and/or the agreement between the Users.
5.7. The content, cost and other conditions of rendering the services are defined in the assignment, which is an integral part of the contract for paid services.
5.8 The assignment shall be created and placed by the Customer using the services of the electronic platform Bosslike. The customer will be able to use the services of the electronic platform Bosslike to form the task if the following conditions are simultaneously met:
5.8.1. the customer has undergone the registration procedure on the site;
5.8.2. the customer has a positive balance.
5.9 The task may contain an indication to perform one or more actions related to the placement, modification of information on the pages in the social networks. By such actions users mean, including, but not limited to, the following:
5.9.1. creating and posting content;
5.9.2. joining, inviting to the group;
5.9.3. affixing of likes;
5.9.4. comment posting;
5.9.5. posting a repost;
5.9.6. adding, inviting to friends;
5.9.7. adding to subscribers;
5.9.8. content viewing.
Tasks shall be sent by the Customer only from his/her account. Sending the same tasks from different accounts is prohibited.
5.10. Each user can be a performer of the service for an unlimited number of other users at the same time.
5.11. The Customer undertakes not to interfere with the provision of the service by the performer.
5.12. The Executor undertakes to work only with those tasks that he likes, otherwise the Executor is prohibited to take the task for execution. The Executor undertakes to provide services, acting in the interests of the Customer, making every effort to express a positive attitude towards the user and the page in the social network by performing the actions agreed in the task, acting in good faith and reasonably.
5.13. The services shall be provided by the Executor in a quality, timely, error-free and in accordance with the assignment.
5.14. The place of service provision may be the location of the Executor, which may differ from the location of the Customer specified when registering in the application.
5.15. Bosslike has no influence on the pricing. All tasks for the performer are sorted by price. The speed of job completion depends on the price, the attractiveness of the job and the number of active performers at the moment. When creating a job, the amount of points required to complete the job is blocked from the customer. Unless otherwise stipulated by the agreement of the parties and/or follows from the essence of the service provided, payment for the services in full is made by the customer after the provision of services through the transfer of points using the electronic platform Bosslike. The Bosslike service transfers the points received from the customer to the performer after the task has been verified. Funds (points) received from the customer in payment for the services of the performer are instantly credited to the balance of the latter.
5.16. In order to provide real-time services using the Platform services, the Executor shall independently provide the necessary technical infrastructure, including, but not limited to, hardware and software, equipment, communication channels with a certain frequency.
5.17. The Customer’s obligations to pay for the Provider’s services shall be considered properly fulfilled from the moment of receipt of funds (points) on the Provider’s balance.
5.18. The date of provision of services shall be the date of performance of all actions in full volume, stipulated by the assignment, unless other date of provision of services directly follows from the essence of the service provided by the performer.
5.19. The Executor undertakes to immediately, as soon as possible, correct all deficiencies, inconsistencies made by him when rendering the services to the Customer.
5.20. The services are considered to be provided by the Executor and accepted by the Customer immediately after the Bosslike service automatically checks the fact of the task performance. If the customer later finds discrepancies, violations in the rendered service, he may complain about such service within three months from the date of performance. If the performer later canceled his actions performed in the task and this fact will be known to the service Bosslike, then the customer’s task is adjusted number of performance, and the task automatically goes on repeat performance (that is, if the execution is canceled by one performer, the task can perform another performer). In this case, the amount of points determined by the service unilaterally may be deducted from the performer as a penalty.
5.21. The Customer has the right to complain to the performer using the Bosslike service, including in case of improper performance of the task. The improper performance of the task means, including, but not limited to, the use of profiles provided by clauses. 3.23.1-3.23.4. of this agreement, closing the customer’s wall in the case of reposting, posting comments that do not comply with the task and the requirements of this agreement.
5.22 Users hereby determine that the contractor does not guarantee that the result of the provision of services under the contract of paid services corresponds to the expectations and (or) representations of the client and (or) third parties. The client hereby understands and agrees that his actions to change the information on the pages of users in social networks (for example, deleting the likes, photos, another user from the number of friends) can lead to a decrease in the recognition and popularity of these pages among other users.
5.23. Users have agreed to keep confidential any information received in relation to each other during the performance of obligations under this agreement, the contract for the provision of services. Confidential information does not include publicly available information and information that the user has agreed to disseminate.
5.24 The amounts of points transferred by the client to the performer are not refundable in the event that the client breaches the contract, including by failing to perform, improperly performing his obligations under the contract or by failing to act, or if the client decides to terminate the contract (on any grounds), or loses interest in the services or is otherwise unable to perform his obligations under the contract. In this case, the parties agree that the sums of the customer’s points will be considered amounts of compensation to the performer for withdrawal from the contract, not subject to return, and can not be regarded as losses or unjust enrichment, in accordance with the terms of the contract and the legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.25. Users shall be liable for non-performance or improper performance of the accepted obligations under the Paid Services Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the terms of the Paid Services Agreement and this Agreement.
5.26. All disputes, disagreements or claims of users arising out of or in connection with a Paid Services Agreement concluded between them, including those related to its performance, breach, termination or invalidity, shall be resolved by contacting the administration of the Bosslike website. If the disagreement cannot be resolved in pre-trial proceedings, they shall be considered in court at the location of the electronic site Bosslike. The pretrial order of dispute resolution is considered by users as a compulsory claim and its non-compliance prevents the direct appeal of any user to the appropriate court, the period of response to the claim — ten (10) working days from the date of receipt.
5.27. Users shall acknowledge electronic correspondence via email, text messages and/or using the Service features as written evidence.
5.28. Any interaction between users within the framework of the service agreement between them shall be subject to mandatory notification of the electronic platform Bosslike in accordance with this agreement.
5.29. Any decisions made by users in relation to each other within the framework of the collaboration of the Service Agreement, concluded with the help of Bosslike shall be autonomous and independent. This shall apply to any decisions made by users in relation to each other, including any possible cooperation, the possible terms of such cooperation, the conclusion of any agreements, the performance of any actions/inaction in the course of such cooperation. Such decisions are based on users’ own experience, practice, discretion and knowledge. Users acknowledge and understand that the Bosslike service has no influence on such decisions through their actions or inactions.

6. Relationship between the User and the Bosslike E-Platform.

6.1 In order to provide remote user interaction, the Bosslike E-Platform performs legal and other actions on behalf of and at the expense of the User on behalf of the User. The User and Bosslike will enter into a mixed contract that includes elements of a service agreement, agency agreement and license agreement. The Agreement is effective upon the User’s registration with the Application or other actions associated with the use of Bosslike’s services or features.
6.2 Bosslike may act as an agent for an unlimited number of users simultaneously.
6.3 The Bosslike E-Platform shall, for and on behalf of you, do the following things, including but not limited to the following
6.3.1. collects information necessary for the provision of services about the User and his assignment by conducting a survey of the User;
6.3.2. informs the user about the requirements for technical infrastructure, the provision of which is necessary to receive the service;
6.3.3. as soon as the user presses the «Create task» button, generates the task and publishes it in due time in the corresponding section of the application;
6.3.4. determines, according to the list of users-customers and users-executors, contributes in every possible way to the conclusion of the service contract between them, including by forming and sending tasks;
6.3.5. receive payments from the Customer;
6.3.6. informs the Performer about the transfer of points by the Customer by posting a notice in the personal profile of the Performer;
6.3.7. checks the rendering of services according to the task;
6.3.8. transfers the points received from the Customer to the performer in due time.
If you have any questions about the content of this and other clauses of the agreement, you can contact the technical support service The answer can be received within 30 days from the date of receipt by the site, or earlier at the discretion of the site.
6.4 In order to determine the customer’s need for a particular service, the electronic platform Bosslike on behalf of the customer assists the latter in the formation of a request for the provision of services. The manner in which the Bosslike electronic site determines the request is determined by the Bosslike electronic site at its sole discretion, taking into account the instructions of the Ordering Party.
6.5 Bosslike will provide users with a simple (non-exclusive) license to use the Bosslike Service software for their intended purpose. User and Bosslike will enter into a License Agreement. The license agreement is effective upon the User’s registration or other activity associated with the use of Bosslike’s services or features. Unless otherwise expressly set forth herein, in the Appendix and/or in the Bosslike Service, the license agreement is on a fee basis. 6.6.
6.6 The Bosslike Service and functionality allows the user to do the following, including but not limited to
6.6.1. creating and managing a job;
6.6.2. receive information about users willing to provide services, as well as the conditions for the provision of such services;
6.6.3. evaluating the services subject to the requirements of this agreement, established for the placement of content in the application;
6.6.4. posting, communication of information and materials necessary for provision of services;
6.6.5. payment for services of performers in the order determined by the agreement between users, provided that it does not contradict the terms of this agreement;
6.6.6. receiving information on the progress of rendering services, as well as the results of the rendered services;
6.6.7. to provide the provider with information and materials necessary for the provision of services, including through the publication of comments and explanations in the application;
6.6.8. other actions related to the use of the platform services for their direct functional purpose.
6.7 Two internal user accounts are available in the Service: a balance of earned or acquired points, which he can use to pay for his assignments, and an affiliate balance in rubles, the value of which corresponds to a given affiliate percentage from the balance of his referrals. The points balance can only be used to pay for his/her own tasks. The money can be withdrawn from the affiliate balance by means of an application in the corresponding section according to the specified schedule. The main balance is replenished by means of the corresponding tools of payment systems (YandexKassa, etc.). As soon as the Service receives a payment notification from the payment system, the balance is replenished instantly, and the customer can order certain services and pay remuneration.
6.8 Unless otherwise provided herein and/or in the Site’s Application, the User agrees to pay Bosslike a license fee. The amount of Bosslike’s remuneration is determined in the «Top Up» section of the Application. Bosslike may unilaterally, extrajudicially change the amount of remuneration, which notifies the user by making appropriate changes to this agreement. Payment of remuneration Bosslike playground made by deducting due to the last money from any amounts received from the user.
6.9 The user is also entitled to make advance payment of remuneration electronic site Bosslike, by ensuring the transfer to the bank account of the latter of the appropriate amount of money.
6.10. Interest for the use of funds in the bank account of the service Bosslike, and received by the latter on any grounds related to the agreement shall not be accrued and shall not be paid.
6.11. Unless otherwise provided for in a separate agreement between the parties and/or in the Application, payment of the remuneration can be made by online payment.
6.12. Amounts of any money paid by the customer to the platform are not refundable, including in case of breach of the contract by the customer, including non-performance, improper performance of his obligations under the contract or as a result of his inaction, as well as when the user-customer decides to terminate the contract (on any grounds), or loses interest in the services or under other circumstances can not fulfill their obligations under the contract. In this case, the parties agree that the sums of payments of the customer will be considered as amounts of compensation to the platform for the withdrawal from the contract, not subject to return, and can not be considered as losses or unjust enrichment, in accordance with the terms of the contract and the legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.13. The Contractor:
6.13.1. immediately notify Bosslike of all cases of any claims, demands, notifications to the Contractor on the quality of the services provided by the Contractor, regardless of the form and manner of submission of such claims, demands, notifications;
6.13.2. immediately notify Bosslike of all proposals for settlement of disputes related to the provision of the services received from the Customer, regardless of the form and manner of submission of such proposals;
6.13.3. agree in advance with Bosslike on all actions/inaction related to the settlement of a dispute with the Customer regarding the failure to provide or the provision of services of inadequate quality;
6.13.4. does not enter into or sign any agreement with the Customer to pay the Customer for the non-performance or improper services without Bosslike’s prior written approval;
6.13.5. shall not pay principal, penalties, interest or damages to the Customer due to the failure to provide or the improper provision of the Services without Bosslike’s prior written consent.
6.14 Failure by the User to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in clause 6.13 of the Agreement means, including but not limited to the following
6.14.1 Full and unconditional consent of the Provider to bear all possible risks and damages related to the failure to provide the Services or the provision of the Services to the Customer of improper quality on his/her own;
6.14.2 due performance of obligations under this Agreement; culpable actions Bosslike, causal relationship between the actions / omissions Bosslike under this agreement and the consequences occurred to users, including in the form of damages;
6.14.4. lack of connection between the subject matter of this Agreement and the contract concluded with the Customer;
6.14.5. lack of dependence between the subject of this Agreement and the provision of services to the Customer;
6.14.6 failure by the contractor to take reasonable measures to eliminate or reduce losses.
6.15. Users are obliged to take any actions, perform any formalities necessary, in the opinion of the service Bosslike, to fulfill the user agreement in general and in part of the return or transfer of funds.
6.16. The amount of money (points) held by the Bosslike service due to the Performer shall also be considered a deposit amount (another method of securing obligations not stipulated in the laws of the Russian Federation). The Bosslike Service shall be entitled to deduct from the said deposit amounts for the fulfillment of obligations by the Provider the amounts of fines, expenses or other payments, the obligation to pay which has arisen for the Provider, including in case of evasion of obligations and related to the settlement of a dispute between the users.
6.17. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the service Bosslike:
6.17.1. is not a social network, also an organization that performs tasks of users to change the information on pages in social networks;
6.17.2. is not engaged in the provision of services to change the information on the pages of users in social networks, both remunerated and gratuitous. All information posted on the electronic platform is for reference only and cannot be used as the only true information;
6.17.3. is not the initiator of the execution of tasks, as well as the conclusion and execution of contracts of service between users using the service Bosslike;
6.17.4. does not check any conclusions, opinions, recommendations, documents coming from the Provider within the frames of rendering services under the Service Agreement for reasonableness, consistency, validity, reliability, compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
6.17.5. is not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of obligations by the Provider under the Service Agreement concluded with the Customer through Bosslike services;
6.17.6. is not responsible for non-compliance of the result of the services provided by the Executor to the Customer, including expectations and ideas of the Customer;
6.17.7. is not liable for any damage, injury, loss incurred by the Customer as a result of the provision of services to him;
6.17.8. is not responsible for technical problems, errors, failures in the operation of services that prevent the provision of services by the Executor, if such failures occurred due to objective reasons. The objectivity of the cause of the cause of technical malfunction shall be determined by Bosslike service itself, unilaterally out of court.
6.18. The User hereby understands and accepts the following:
6.18.1. any findings, conclusions and recommendations emanating from Bosslike service under this Agreement are the expression of Bosslike service’s opinion based on the commercial experience, practice, own discretion and knowledge of Bosslike service;
6.18.2. the opinions and discretion of Bosslike may differ from the position of third parties, including public officials, other industry professionals, employees, counterparties, partners, and affiliates of the User;
6.18.3. when implementing actions and measures proposed by Bosslike service, the risk of conflicts between the User and third parties, including regulatory authorities, counterparties, employees and others may arise. The risk of such conflicts shall be borne by the user.
6.19. The user independently places an offer and enters into a service agreement with another user through the Bosslike service, at their own risk. Bosslike service does not guarantee the fulfillment of the performer’s obligations under the service agreement.
6.20. Bosslike acts as an intermediary between users. All payments that go into a user’s e-wallet on the service are their fees received from the ordering user and/or referral user. Bosslike service is not a tax agent of the user. The user pays all taxes and insurance premiums on any remuneration received using the Bosslike site’s services independently.

7. Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

7.1 After the registration in the application the user can participate in the affiliate program of Bosslike, becoming a partner. Bosslike affiliate program provides marketing services by a partner to another person who is not yet a user of the site (hereinafter referral) and receive an affiliate commission. Between partner and Bosslike site is concluded an agency agreement. The contract is considered to be concluded with the registration of the partner in the application and the commission of other actions related to the provision of services to the referral with the use of services of the electronic site Bosslike.
7.2 The Bosslike E-Platform can be the agent of an unlimited number of users at a time.
7.3. Bosslike E-Platform acts for and at the expense of the User, including but not limited to the following
7.3.1. generates a referral link to be sent to the referral;
7.3.2. informs the User about the requirements for the technical infrastructure, the provision of which is necessary to receive the service;
7.3.3. accepts payments from a referral;
7.3.4. transfers money funds received from a referral to a partner in a timely manner;
7.3.5. assists in conclusion and fulfillment of the service agreement between a partner and a referral in every possible way.
7.4. User, who participated in the affiliate program of the electronic site Bosslike, acknowledges and guarantees to the latter that on the date of conclusion of the user agreement and during its validity period:
7.4.1. will not violate any rights of third parties, including other users, in the performance of obligations under the referral service agreement;
7.4.2. will not take any actions resulting in the emergence, change and/or termination of the rights and obligations of the referral and/or Bosslike, except those expressly and explicitly provided for in this agreement.
7.5 Under the marketing services in section 7.1 of this agreement means a complex of actions of the partner using the services of Bosslike site to search and select a performer for the referral tasks associated with the placement, modification, removal of information on the pages in social networks.
7.6 The provisions of this section provide general conditions for a partner to provide services to a referral for a fee. Such general conditions define the content of the contract of paid services concluded between the partner and a referral by sending an offer by the partner and its acceptance by the referral by the means specified in this section of the agreement.
7.7 Paid services agreement is considered to be concluded between the partner and a referral from the moment when the partner receives information about acceptance of his offer to provide services to a referral. Partner is considered to have made an offer under the terms set forth in this agreement from the moment referral link is sent to referral. Acceptance of a partner’s offer is deemed to be a referral’s receipt of a referral link and passing the registration procedure at the site.
7.8 Provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation concerning paid services (chapter 39, item 2), the Russian Federation Law «On protection of consumer rights» dated February 7, 1992 № 2300-1, and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them are applicable to relations between referrals and partners.
7.9 Partner undertakes to render services in accordance with the contract of paid services, and referral undertakes to accept and pay for the services rendered. Information about partner’s remuneration is placed in the «Profile, partner program» section of the application.
7.10. A referral of a partner will be deemed to be a new user who has followed the referral link and registered within 7 days after the first transfer. If a user does not register within 7 days after passing through a referral link but goes to a site using another partner’s referral link and registers, he will be counted as a partner whose link has resulted in his registration. Referrals are accounted on the basis of cookies installed in users’ browsers.
7.11. For services rendered referral shall pay to the partner using site services remuneration in the following order and terms:
7.11.1. when a referral completes a task using the Bosslike services, the partner’s balance is replenished in the amount of 50% of the points earned by the referral;
7.11.2. when a referral deposits money to Bosslike service, partner’s balance is replenished by 50% of the amount earned by the referral.
7.11.2. money and points are credited to a partner simultaneously with a referral performing a corresponding action (money or task).
7.12. The money available on an affiliate balance can be exchanged for a corresponding number of points or withdrawn. Withdrawals begin on Mondays every two weeks and continue until all requests submitted before withdrawals are processed. The minimum payment amount in case of withdrawal is 100 rubles.
7.13. In carrying out settlements for the transfer of funds to a partner Bosslike service has the right to compensate the expenses associated with the execution of such obligations (order) from these funds.
7.14. Subject to the procedure set forth in paragraph 7.13. herein, Partner may instruct Bosslike to transfer funds from his/her affiliate balance to an account in the electronic payment system (QIWI Wallet, «Yandex. Money»).
7.15. Transfer of funds by Bosslike as an agent of the Partner to the specified account in the electronic system of settlements is made within 1 business day (the exact terms of crediting payments to the account in the electronic system of settlements, the amount of commission are specified on the websites of electronic payment systems) from the date of receipt from the user of the order, formed through the services of the electronic platform Bosslike, unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement. The order must contain the details necessary for the transfer of funds, including the number of the bank account, bank details, indication of the payment system, such as QIWI Wallet, etc.
7.16. If a User’s order involves the withdrawal of amounts greater than or equal to 500 rubles from the Partner’s Balance, Bosslike will verify that the Partner is in compliance with Bosslike’s Rules prior to the execution of the order. The procedure, timing of such verification shall be determined by Bosslike. The user hereby agrees to such procedure, undertakes to comply with the decision of Bosslike, understands and agrees to the following:
7.16.1. the terms of execution of the order to transfer funds from the Partner balance may be extended for the period of preliminary verification of the electronic platform Bosslike;
7.16.2. withdrawal orders will not be executed by Bosslike if a violation of the terms of this Agreement is found.
7.17. The amount of money received from a referral and due to a partner will also be considered as a deposit amount (other way to ensure obligations, not stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation). Bosslike may deduct the amount of fines, expenses or other payments that the Partner is obligated to pay from the said deposit amount in consideration for the fulfilment of the Partner’s obligations.
7.18. The Partner hereby acknowledges and understands the risks associated with the conduct of the business in which the Partner uses the Bosslike Service. Partner acknowledges that the commercial success of its business, including the use of the Bosslike Service, will be primarily dependent upon Partner’s efforts, abilities and capabilities, as well as other factors beyond Bosslike’s control. Such factors are understood by the parties to this agreement to include, but are not limited to, competition, interest rates, economic conditions, governmental action, weather, laws and regulations, consumption trends, inflation rates, labor costs, lease rates, market conditions, and other conditions that cannot be predicted, quantified, or determined. Bosslike understands and acknowledges that any business activity in which Affiliate uses the Service to provide the Service may be unprofitable, and that use of the Service’s capabilities, the Service’s recommendations, materials, information, and intellectual property does not guarantee achievement of certain sales, profits, or revenues.
7.19. Nothing in this agreement forms a separate legal entity, simple partnership, partnership or joint venture between the parties, as well as the relationship of the parties to any transaction (contract) of a corporate nature.
7.20. The parties to the agreement, in the performance of their obligations, are not limited to those actions expressly specified in this agreement and separate agreements of the parties, but take into account the valid common will of the parties, taking into account the purpose of the agreement concluded between the parties.
7.21. Users are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of the accepted obligations under the Paid Services Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the terms of the Paid Services Agreement, this agreement.
7.22. Any decisions made by the Partner and referral in relation to each other within the cooperation under the contract of paid services, concluded through the service Bosslike, are autonomous and independent in nature. This policy applies to any decisions a Partner and Referral makes with respect to each other, including possible collaboration, possible financing terms, entering into any agreements, or taking any action/inaction in the course of such collaboration. Such decisions are based on the partner, referral’s own experience, practice, discretion, knowledge. In this case, the partner, the referral recognizes and understands that Bosslike by their actions, inaction in no way affect the adoption of such decisions.

8. Disclaimer of warranties. Limitation of Liability.

8.1 The User uses the Bosslike electronic service at their own risk. The Service is provided on an «as is» basis. Bosslike does not warrant that the service will be error free or operate without interruption, nor does it offer any other warranties not expressly set forth in this agreement. Bosslike does not make any warranties, conditions, representations, or conditions (express or implied) regarding anything, including without limitation non-infringement of third party rights, merchantability, integration, or fitness for a particular purpose.
8.2 The User agrees and understands that no software, including the Services, is free from errors.
8.3 Bosslike does not warrant or guarantee the operation of the Bosslike Service if you breach any of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement or any other documents (including those contained in the Bosslike App), or if you breach any term or condition of this Agreement or any other agreement between Bosslike and you.
8.4 Bosslike does not warrant to User the operation of the Service if User does not update the Service when such updates are offered by Bosslike and/or available to User. You agree to track Bosslike’s own updates to the Service, if any are posted by Bosslike.
8.5 The User agrees that he/she is solely responsible for selecting the Service to achieve the desired or desired results and for the results obtained through it.
8.6 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Bosslike assumes no responsibility for any direct and/or indirect consequences of any use of or inability to use the Service and/or damages (including actual damages, loss of profits) incurred by you and/or any third party as a result of any use, inability to use or inability to use the Service or any features and/or functionality thereof, including due to potential errors or malfunctions of the Service.
8.7 Under any circumstances, Bosslike’s liability under Section 15 of the Civil Code of Russia is limited to a total amount of ten thousand (10,000) rubles.
8.8 Any User who discovers a defect or bug during their use of the Service shall immediately notify Bosslike of this and shall state the specific actions taken by the User immediately preceding such discovery. If the User fails to fulfill the obligation set forth herein and/or if the User uses the bug or programming error for his/her own purposes, including for profit and for the disclosure of the existence or nature of the manifestation to third parties (hereinafter — abusive use of a programming error), this agreement shall be deemed terminated as of the moment of such abusive use of the programming error and the User may be held liable in accordance with civil and criminal law
8.9 The User hereby acknowledges and confirms that all decisions about the expediency of entering into a service agreement with another User are made by the User. The User is solely responsible for making such decisions and undertakes not to assert any claims against Bosslike in connection with the non-performance of the service contract or claims related to the occurrence of other negative events for the User.
8.10. Bosslike does not interfere in the contractual relationship of users arising from service contracts entered into in the manner prescribed by the Agreement and is not a party to such contracts. Any disputes arising between users, including those arising in the performance of contracts entered into under the Agreement, will be resolved in accordance with the law, including through court proceedings between the users.

9. Arbitration.

9.1 In case of non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under the Service Agreement, the User shall be entitled to initiate the procedure of settling the situation by sending an email to (hereinafter also Arbitration).
9.2 By initiating arbitration, Users acknowledge that Bosslike is providing a service to them by engaging Bosslike as an expert in resolving such situations. However, the parties shall not deem Bosslike to be an arbitrator as interpreted by Russian law.
9.3 Bosslike shall be entitled to request information and documents from users when reviewing and resolving a situation. Bosslike shall be entitled to make an expert opinion (hereinafter also a decision) based on the results of the review of the situation, which shall determine the way in which the situation will be resolved. This expert opinion shall be binding on the users.
9.4 Bosslike shall be entitled to transfer all or part of the points to the User on the basis of the expert opinion. In each of these cases, this shall be regarded as an irrevocable order (authorization) given by the User.

10. Final Provisions.

10.1 All disputes, controversies or claims between the parties arising out of this Agreement, including those regarding its performance, breach, termination or invalidity, shall also be resolved through negotiations between the User and Bosslike. If it is not possible to resolve any dispute through pretrial proceedings, such dispute shall be resolved in court at Bosslike’s location, unless otherwise provided for by applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
10.2 The pre-trial dispute resolution procedure shall be considered by the parties as a compulsory claim and failure to comply with it shall prevent a direct appeal to the appropriate court, the term of answer to the claim — 10 (ten) business days from the date of receipt.
10.3 The User may initiate a complaint by filing a complaint with Bosslike substantiating the complaint and attaching supporting documentation to the Bosslike address listed in this Agreement and/or the Addendum. You hereby acknowledge and agree that complaints that you have sent to Bosslike via the Service (such as through your personal profile) will not be resolved if you do not provide evidence that such complaint was addressed to Bosslike (no postal tracking number or Bosslike waybill number or scanned copy of the evidence of transmission by mail and/or courier).
10.4 The Parties shall accept electronic correspondence between themselves and/or using the services and features of the Application as written evidence.
10.5 In the event that the controlling persons carry out verification activities directly or indirectly related to the use of the Bosslike Service by the User, the User shall:
10.5.1. upon direct contact of the controlling person, immediately learn from the latter his/her last name, first name, patronymic, position, place of employment, the basis for the request/request, the information and documents to be submitted, the deadlines, the procedure for submitting the requested information and documents. Any explanations of the controlling person shall be fully and extensively recorded by the user on paper.
10.5.2 After receiving the necessary explanations and explanations from the Compliance Officer, the User shall notify Bosslike by e-mail as soon as possible, with a full and detailed statement of the Compliance Officer’s explanations. The user shall not take any action on his or her own until he or she receives direct instructions from Bosslike regarding the options, information and documents required to be submitted to the Compliance Officer.
10.6 In the event that Bosslike receives a request from Compliance, User shall ensure that any documents required by Bosslike to be submitted to Compliance are promptly provided. Documents shall be provided as soon as possible, but in any event no later than three (3) days after receipt of Bosslike’s request by the User by any of the means set forth in this Agreement.
10.7 Upon the occurrence of the circumstances specified in clauses 10.5 and 10.6 of this Agreement the User shall take all necessary actions, including those related to actions (inaction) of third parties, signing documents satisfactory to Bosslike, controlling persons, applying to a notary and/or other competent state or local authorities.
10.8 The parties acknowledge that the documents and information hereunder transmitted via the Bosslike Service or sent by email to pro shall have the same legal effect as paper documents signed by the parties in their own handwriting.
10.9. The parties acknowledge that information transmitted using the Bosslike service shall be deemed delivered to the other party from the moment it is sent in the service.