Bosslike Aplication

Terms of Use

Bosslike works by the rules of social networks, using open opportunities to interact with them. The service is designed to help people easily and quickly share tasks, learn opinions, gather focus groups, and find new friends of interest to communicate with.

1.1 Bosslike is not a commercial project, acting as a platform for the mutual exchange of tasks, opinions, assessments, and gathering focus groups of voluntary participants. Thus helps social networks to get rid of text spam, and people to avoid cheating in dubious services. Absolutely all services can be used for free, and the status of the balance depends on the benefits brought to other users. All funds collected are voluntary donations to help the continued operation and development of the service.
1.2 The Bosslike App is a product of intellectual activity, the exclusive rights to which belong directly to the administration of the site. In particular: The rights to the computer programs used for the operation of the site, the graphical solution (design) of the application, the content placed on it by the administration of the application, as well as other results of intellectual activity (photographic images, videos, etc.).
1.3 By specifying an email address, you authorize Bosslike to send you emails directly related to Bosslike. If your email address is incorrect, we may not provide you with the service.
1.4 You may not use third party programs, sites or scripts to automate your service.
1.5 You may not upload viruses or other malicious codes.
1.6 You may not use VPN, proxy-server or other tools to change your IP-address.
1.7. You may not use the service for unlawful, discriminatory activities.
1.8. Administration of Bosslike is not responsible for the content of users’ tasks and pages advertised.
1.9 We reserve the right, without any notice, to stop and reset any actions and orders if there are complaints about their content or they look suspicious.
1.10. By accepting these Terms, the user acknowledges that he is using the service at his own risk.
1.11. If the user does not agree with one or more paragraphs of the Terms of Service, the further use of the Bosslike service is prohibited.
1.12. These Terms of Service are an integral part of the User Agreement, available at:

2.1 Prohibited:
2.1.1 The use of: social network profiles without activity; foreign profiles or their clones; empty profiles, profiles without avatars and with closed walls; multiple profiles for one social network.
2.1.2 Have more than one Bosslike account. Otherwise you will receive a ban on all accounts.
2.1.3 Buy, sell, and transfer Bosslike accounts.

3.1 By purchasing points, you agree that no refunds will be granted.
3.2 You may not buy points by using a false credit card or credit card account.
3.3 It is forbidden to buy or sell points from third parties.
3.4 In the event that your Bosslike account is blocked for violating the rules, you may not request that your points be transferred to any other account.

4.1 It is forbidden to post tasks that contain:
4.1.1. advertising of communities, programs and other services for earning, likes, followers, comments, tasks in social networks, etc;
4.1.2. content for adults (18+);
4.1.3. extremist content;
4.1.4. content that violates the laws of Russia and the CIS countries;
4.1.5 content that violates third party intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, trademarks, dissemination of personal data of third parties;
4.1.6 material containing fraud in any form;
4.1.7 direct or indirect insults, even if the user is not the owner of these materials.

5.1 If a user performs commissioned actions in relation to other people’s pages, materials or communities, the user undertakes never to remove or roll back his/her actions. Otherwise, we have the right to write off any number of points or block the account without the possibility of unblocking.

6.1 Invited users must be active on the service. Otherwise, we have the right to remove the referral assigned to you.
6.2 If a referral has violated the rules when performing a task, bonus points for this task will be deducted from you.
6.3 It is forbidden to use targeted advertising on the service brand.