Bosslike Aplication

Privacy Policy

Bosslike electronic service is an electronic platform that allows users to exchange tasks, learn opinions, gather focus groups, and find new friends of interest for communication. To express a positive attitude to each other users perform certain actions on behalf of each other using the services of the site. The user who has sent a task to another user can also perform a counter task for such or another user.

The contract for the provision of services is concluded directly between users. Each user, using the capabilities of the electronic site can be both a customer service and performer of similar services for other users.

Service provides only services to ensure convenient interaction between users, as well as other services that are expressly provided in this agreement.

Service is not a social network where users have personal pages, has no relation to social networks Vkontakte (, Twitter (, YouTube (, other social networks.

The Service is not an organization carrying out activities related to the execution of tasks on behalf and in the interests of users of social networks, the result of which is the placement, modification of information on the pages of users in social networks.

All information posted on the electronic service (application, site) is for reference only and cannot be used as the only true information, including for ordering and performing tasks.

Service is an auxiliary means for interaction between users, not replacing the personal communication of users. The service is only an information intermediary between users.

Any user of the electronic service hereby confirms that he/she has read, understood, accepted, accepted and fully agrees to comply with this policy. In cases specified in this agreement, a user is considered to have sent an offer to another user, or a user is considered to have received an offer from another user.

Any user is considered as such from the moment of registration in the application or committing other actions related to using the capabilities of the service and until the termination of obligations of the parties on the grounds provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

1. Terms and Definitions.

Bosslike Privacy Policy (hereinafter «Privacy Policy», «Agreement», «Offer») is an offer addressed to the general public and set forth herein.

The party to the privacy policy is Bosslike, the user.

Bosslike — all administrative and technical team of the Service, responsible for its development and maintenance, in one person; is in direct contact with the User and undertakes to provide information of an advisory nature on matters directly related to the use of the Service; is a party to this User Agreement.

Social networks — online services functioning for the purpose of establishing social connections between registered users, where the latter have personal pages. These include: Vkontakte (, Twitter (, YouTube ( and others.

Electronic site is a hardware-software complex of organizational, information and technical solutions providing interaction of users through electronic communication channels. An electronic venue includes an Internet resource (application, site).

Internet resource (application, website) — the resource located on the Internet at the address and its subdomains, which is the property of its owner of the electronic site Bosslike. Application — a complex object of intellectual property, which is a set of computer programs, databases, text, graphics and other information available to the user.

Services — Services provided by one user to another user or others, including posting, modifying, or changing information on user’s social media pages; services provided by Bosslike.

Registration — the procedure of entering user data into a special form in the application, which is necessary for the Bosslike electronic site to fulfill the terms of the user agreement, under which the registered user is the beneficiary, as well as for the user’s access to the services and features of the electronic site.

User — any individual who uses the Bosslike service.

Customer — the user who has placed by using the site facilities for another user under the conditions set forth in this agreement.

Performer — a user who has received a task from another/other user(s) using the capabilities of the service.

Partner — any natural person, individual entrepreneur (hereinafter also recognized as a legal entity in this agreement as far as it does not contradict the essence of the specified subject of civil turnover) or legal entity, which independently or through its representative (management body, if applicable), voluntarily passed registration and became a participant of the partnership program.

User data — personal data.

Personal Data — (a) Data that is automatically transmitted in the course of your use of Bosslike’s services by the software installed on your device from which you access the services, including your IP address, cookie data, information about your hardware and software. Bosslike hereby warrants that it will not have access to any personal information (including personal information) contained on users’ devices as a result of using the Services; b) personal information (including name, contact phone number, email address) voluntarily and knowingly provided by the user-individual when registering to the Application and necessary to perform the user agreement under which the registered user is a beneficiary and to provide the user-individual with access to the Site; c) personal information (such as the name, phone number, email address) provided by the user-individual as a result of the Service. In this case, the name left by the user shall be considered by the parties of the User Agreement as his pseudonym.

Paid Services Agreement — an agreement governing relations between users to provide services related to posting, modification of information on user pages in social networks.

Password — a unique sequence of characters and/or letters entered by the user during registration in the application e and used thereafter to access personal space (personal account) in the application.

Account — personalized interface of the application with a set of user tools to use the services and features of the electronic site.

Balance is the user’s virtual account in the application in points, the amount of which depends on the user’s activity.

Assignment — the user’s application for the provision of services to post, change information on the user’s pages in social networks on terms determined by the User and not inconsistent with this agreement. The assignment is made in accordance with this agreement through the electronic form in the application by the User.

Cookies — is a small fragment of data, sent by the web-server and stored on the User’s computer, which the web-client or web-browser sends to the web-server in HTTP-request every time it tries to open the page of the corresponding site and application. The information collected through cookies and other similar technologies is not in itself personal data. Such information is of a technical nature only. The structure, content and specifications of cookies are determined by Bosslike and may be changed unilaterally, without prior notice to the user.

IP-address — the unique network address of a node in a computer network based on the protocol IP.

2. Warranties and Representations.

2.1 The Platform and the User hereby represent and warrant to the other that on the date of the Agreement and during the term of the Agreement:
2.1.1. is an entity operating in accordance with Russian law, has all rights and all powers necessary to conduct business in the Russian Federation;
2.1.2. possesses all powers to conclude this Agreement and perform obligations assumed under the Agreement;
2.1.3. has taken all actions necessary to conclude and execute the agreement, and to ensure that the agreement is legal, binding upon him and enforceable against his counterparty;
2.1.4. there are no unresolved issues of a legal nature, threat of litigation or other circumstances which may have negative consequences for the party to the agreement or its activities, the party to the agreement has not violated any material provisions of any contract or other agreement it has concluded, there are no rulings, determinations or decisions of a court, arbitration court or other state body which may have a negative effect on the party to the agreement or their
2.1.5. there are no provisions in Russian laws or other regulations, in contracts binding on the party to the agreement or property, which may violate or hinder the signing or execution of the agreement;
2.1.6. performance of obligations under the agreement is an unconditional obligation of the party to the agreement, which, at least, has the same priority as other obligations of the party to the agreement;
2.1.7. all information and documents provided by the party to the agreement to the other party in connection with this agreement are true, true, complete and accurate in all respects, and the party to the agreement has not concealed any facts which, if they had become known, could have an adverse effect on the other party’s decision to enter into this agreement;
2.1.8. has sufficient information about its counterparty to the extent necessary to select it as such, to understand whether it has sufficient resources to fulfill its obligations under the agreement;
2.1.9. obligations of the party to the agreement under this agreement are legal, valid, effective and binding on the party to the agreement, to be performed in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.
2.2 Each party hereby acknowledges that it enters into the agreement in reliance upon the representations and warranties provided by the other party and which are material to it.

3. General Provisions.

3.1 The procedure of processing of personal data of users, including for the purpose of security of processing of personal data of users, ensuring the rights and interests of users in the processing of their personal data is regulated by this Privacy Policy.
3.2 Any User, by using the application or using any of its functionality, thereby expresses its unconditional agreement with all the terms of the agreement and all other conditions set out on the pages of the application and site, undertakes to comply with them, and in case of disagreement with any of the conditions must immediately stop using the services and leave the electronic platform.
3.3 The User acknowledges and agrees that nothing in the Privacy Policy may be construed as establishing any other relationship between the User and the Platform that is not expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy.
3.4 This Privacy Policy is governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.5 All possible disputes regarding this Privacy Policy and the relationship between the User and the Platform shall be resolved according to the norms of Russian law in the court at the location of the Platform, unless otherwise expressly provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.6 A court ruling that any provision of this Privacy Policy is invalid or unenforceable shall not render other provisions of this Privacy Policy invalid or unenforceable.
3.7 Failure to act by the Platform in the event of breach of the Privacy Policy provisions by the User does not deprive the User of the right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later, nor does it mean that the Platform waives its rights in the event that similar or similar breaches occur later on.
3.8 The Platform reserves the right to change and/or amend this Privacy Policy without any special notice. The new version of the Privacy Policy comes into force from the moment of its placement on the page of the application and website bosslike. pro/privacy-policy. html, unless otherwise stipulated by the new version of the Privacy Policy. The current version of the Privacy Policy is always in the application and on the page of the site at The silence of the user is regarded as consent to the changes and (or) additions to the Privacy Policy.
3.9. By pressing the «Register» button, the user gives his consent to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, including the processing of his personal data, and also confirms that the content of the provisions of this Policy is clear and understandable to him. The consent is also expressed at any stage of registration in the application and on the site, at any time of using the application.
3.10. Ordering and rendering services through the electronic platform is preceded by the User going through the registration procedure. Registration and authorization in the application is carried out with confirmation by e-mail of the user. An email is sent to the User to the specified email address for authorization in the application.
3.11. The User also confirms that he has no right to transfer his login and password to third parties, and has no right to receive login and/or password from third parties. The Platform shall not be liable in any way for transactions between users.
3.12. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Platform of any breach of security of their personal account on the E-Platform.
3.13. The Platform is not responsible in any way for the User’s data, which the User provides to third-party resources and/or other third parties in the event of switching to them from the E-Platform.
3.14. The Platform is not responsible for possible loss and/or corruption of data, which may occur due to the user’s violation of the provisions of this Agreement, as well as improper access and/or use of the application.
3.15. The User is solely responsible for all actions (as well as their consequences) within or using the electronic platform under the User’s account (login), including cases when the User voluntarily transfers the data for access to the User’s account to third parties under any conditions (including under contracts or agreements) without the approval of the Platform and/or in violation of the agreement. At the same time, all actions within or using the electronic platform under the User’s account are considered to be performed by the User, unless the User has notified the Platform about the unauthorized access to the electronic platform using the User’s account.
3.16. To order and provide a service through the E-platform, as well as to access the services and features of the E-platform, the User undertakes to provide true and complete information upon Registration, and necessary to fulfill the obligations on the part of the Platform, the Customer and the Provider (as the case may be) with respect to the service provided and/or the User’s access to the E-platform. At the end of the registration, the User is provided with access to the Personal Area according to the credentials and is given the opportunity to create/receive tasks.
3.17. The Platform has the right to block the User’s account and prohibit access using any account to certain services and features of the electronic platform, and remove any content, links and information without explanation, including if the user violates the terms of the agreement and/or Russian legislation. The fact of the User’s violation of the terms of the Agreement and/or Russian Federation legislation is established by the Platform unilaterally, independently. The User agrees with such procedure and undertakes to comply with the Platform’s decision.
3.18. The User is solely responsible to third parties for their actions related to the use of the electronic platform, including, if such actions result in the violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for complying with Russian legislation when using the electronic platform.
3.19. The User hereby acknowledges and confirms that any data (including bank card details), directly or indirectly related to payment for services and services of the Platform, is posted by the User in applications and on pages of websites belonging to third parties that are not related to the Platform. The Platform does not have access to such information or perform any actions in relation to such data, including its collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction, cross-border transfer.
3.20. The User may at any time change their personal data, or part thereof, by making use of the function of editing personal data in the personal section of the relevant Service of the site.
3.21. The User can delete their personal data, using the respective function of the personal section of the relevant site service. The user hereby acknowledges and confirms that deleting the account can lead to the inability to use the services of the site.
3.22. The rights provided for in clauses. 3.20. and 3.21. of this Policy can be limited in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. In particular, these restrictions may require Bosslike to retain information that has been altered or deleted by a user for a period specified by applicable law and to turn over such information in accordance with legally established procedures to governmental authorities and courts.

4. Personal data and how to process them.

4.1 In accordance with Federal Law of 27.07.2006 #152-FZ «On Personal Data», the User, if he/she is a physical person, hereby gives his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data by the Platform (including receiving it from the User and/or any third parties, taking into consideration the requirements defined by this law) and confirms that by giving such consent he/she is acting of his/her own free will and in his/her interest. Consent is given by the User from the moment of registration in the application, on the website and/or other actions related to the use of the services or features of the electronic platform.
4.2. Consent is given by the user for the purposes of entering into an agreement with the Platform, other contracts expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy, other agreements posted on the application and site pages and their further execution, participation in ongoing promotions, contests, making decisions or performing other actions that generate legal consequences for the user or other persons and extends to the name, telephone number, e-mail address, e-wallet number (if the user is a participant of affiliate program), IP-address, cookies, parameters and settings of internet browsers and any other information related to the user personality, available or known at any given moment to the Platform (hereinafter — personal data) as well as to accept, process request, process and receive payments; Informing about the status of the request, Platform services by means of electronic and SMS, PUSH-notifications; improving the quality of the electronic platform; conducting statistical and other studies based on anonymized data, advertising activities with the consent of the user, as well as the performance of the User Agreement, including through the provision of the user effective technical support when there are problems associated with the work of the site services, providing access to the account, application, services, etc.
4.3 This consent shall be given by the User until the expiration of the respective information or documents containing the aforesaid information, determined in accordance with the Russian laws, after which it may be withdrawn by the User by sending a respective written notice to the Platform less than 3 months prior to the moment of withdrawal of consent, at the address of the Platform, indicated in this Agreement and/or in the attachment.
4.4 In the event of withdrawal of the User’s consent to the processing of Personal Data, the Platform shall have the right not to cease the processing of Personal Data and not to destroy it, unless the retention period for documents provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation has not expired at the time of withdrawal. In this case, the relevant actions when continuing to process the User’s Personal Data shall be considered acceptance.
4.5 This consent is provided to perform any actions in relation to personal data that are necessary or desirable to achieve the above purposes, including, without limitation: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction, cross-border transfer of personal data, as well as performing any other actions with personal data of the user subject to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.6 The Platform shall process the Personal Data using the following basic methods (but not limited to): storing, recording on electronic media and storing them, compiling lists.
4.7 Bosslike takes all necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the User’s Personal Data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other unlawful acts of third parties. Bosslike ensures the security of personal data during its processing, including by encrypting it and storing it in encrypted form. The User’s Personal Data shall also be kept confidential, except as required by applicable law.
4.8 The User hereby acknowledges and confirms that if it is necessary to provide personal data to a third party for the abovementioned purposes, the E-Platform is entitled to disclose, to the extent necessary for the abovementioned actions, information about the User personally (including personal data) to such third parties and their authorized persons, as well as to provide such persons with relevant documents containing such information.
4.9 The user hereby acknowledges and confirms that this consent is deemed given by him to any third parties listed above, subject to appropriate modifications, and any such third parties have the right to process personal data on the basis of this consent. Such third parties are: Yandex. Money" located at: 82 Sadovnicheskaya St., Building 2, Moscow, Russian Federation, licensed by the Bank of Russia No. 3510-K in respect of personal data posted on the Site; «Business Element» LLC located at: 119334 Kanatchikovsky Proezd. 3.
4.10. All of the above privacy policy provisions apply to one user’s processing of personal data of another user, to which such user gains access via the Platform’s services. Such user, acting of his own free will and in his own interest, hereby gives his consent to the processing of his personal data by another user for the purpose of entering into a service agreement and its further performance. The terms of storage of personal data by the user, the methods of data processing are similar to those specified in clauses 4.3-4.6 of this Privacy Policy. The user is obliged to refrain from disclosing to third parties information about the other user, as well as any other information that became known to him in connection with the provision of services to the other user.

5. Final Provisions.

5.1 All disputes, controversies or claims of the Parties arising from or in connection with this Privacy Policy, including those related to its performance, violation, termination or invalidity, shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties. If it is impossible to settle disputes in pre-trial order, they shall be considered in the court at the location of the Platform, unless otherwise expressly provided by the current legislation of Russian Federation. The pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes shall be considered by Users as a mandatory claim procedure, and failure to comply with it shall prevent any User from going directly to the appropriate court. The term for responding to a claim shall be 10 (ten) business days from the date of receipt.
5.2 The Parties to this Privacy Policy accept electronic correspondence between themselves, correspondence via text messages and/or using the services and features of the application as written evidence.
5.3 Any appeals from the User to the Platform, directly or indirectly related to the processing of their personal data, shall be submitted in writing and sent to the address of the Platform specified in this Agreement and/or in the application and on the website.
5.4 Any appeals, notifications from users shall be considered by the Platform when sent to the postal address of the latter, specified in this Agreement and/or in the appendix. A user’s message sent to the Platform using the services and features of the application (e. g., personal profile) shall not be considered by the Platform if the content of such message does not show that it was sent to the Platform address (the message does not contain the postal identifier number or the waybill number if sent by courier; no scanned copies of documents confirming that the message was sent by post and/or by courier are attached).
5.5 The Parties acknowledge that the documents and information under this Agreement transmitted using the Bosslike Service or sent by email to pro shall have the same legal effect as paper documents signed by the parties in their own handwriting.
5.6. The parties acknowledge that information transmitted using the Bosslike service shall be deemed delivered to the other party as of the date of posting on the service.
5.7 Any suggestions or questions about this Privacy Policy should be reported to