Bosslike Aplication

Consent to Processing of Personal Data

Hereby I, hereinafter - the "Subject of Personal Data", in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" (as amended) freely, voluntarily and in his own interest I give my consent to the Administration of the applications and service Bosslike (hereinafter - Service, address: for the automated, as well as without the use of automation means processing my personal data provided at registration by filling the registration form in the application Bosslike, completed using the Service.
This consent is given in order to enter into an agreement with the Administration of the Service, other contracts expressly provided for in the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, other agreements posted on the pages of the application, the site and their further execution, participation in promotions, making decisions or take other actions that have legal consequences with respect to me personally or others, as well as to receive, process requests, process and receive payments; information about the status of the request, services of the Service by
This consent is provided with respect to any information directly or indirectly relating to me, including (but not limited to): my name, email address, contact phone number and any other information relating to me available or known at any given time to the Service.
This consent is given for any action in relation to personal data that is necessary or desirable to achieve the above purposes, including, without limitation: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction, cross-border transfer of personal data, as well as any other actions with my personal data subject to applicable Russian legislation.
I hereby acknowledge and confirm that if it is necessary to provide personal data to achieve the above purposes to a third party, the Service may disclose information about me personally (including personal data) to such third parties and their authorized persons to the extent necessary to perform the above actions, as well as provide such persons with relevant documents containing such information. I also hereby acknowledge and confirm that this consent shall be deemed given to any third parties listed above, as modified, and any such third parties shall have the right to process my personal data on the basis of this consent.
I hereby acknowledge and confirm that in order to achieve the above purposes, as well as in the absence of other opportunities to obtain information about me (including personal data) Service has the right to request, receive such information from third parties to the extent necessary.
I hereby acknowledge and agree that:
- This consent to the processing of personal data is given from the moment of registration in the application and is valid until its written withdrawal;
- The written withdrawal must be sent personally by the data subject to the email address
I hereby give my consent and do not object to the Service or other persons on its behalf to send messages, including advertising or other information of other content to the email address or other means of communication specified by me in the application.
With the User Agreement, the Privacy Policy governing the processing of personal data of users of the Bosslike service and posted on the page of the application and website, read and agree, the content of these documents is clear and understandable to me.